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Consulting and Planning

An proven SEO plan requires a clear concise goals, agreed tactics, and solid implementation. For sites that are new we can provide the best way to get impact and bang for your buck right out of the gate. For older established sites we can transform your lack of rank on Google and low traffic to one that generates many leads and much improved traffic flow. The biggest mistake made by many small businesses is not making SEO a top priority for their business. It is as important as anything you can do to generate new customers. Even as important as word of mouth! You can bet your competition will use SEO to drive new business to their company.

SEO has changed from the early days of the search engines. Now to be ranked it is not enough just to grab some back links and be done with it. While back links are important, it is much more inclusive than it used to be. You need to have a presence in social media as well as be listed in upwards of 80 local oriented web pages such as Yelp!, Chamber of Commerce, Yellow Pages, Google places, Yahoo local, Merchant Circle, Manta, Jigsaw and many many more. The more citation power your site has the better you are trusted with Google. Contact us for a free consultation.

Why SEO For You

Most companies who are local businesses, and depend on sales locally for their existence, have been told over and over "You need to have a Web Site." As a small business person you understand the need and desire to have a local presence. So if you are like many companies, you go out and find a small web design firm to build your web site or you turn to the yellow pages. Siince you already advertise with them it makes sense and they really tell a great story. Either way after a few months of not seeing any return on the investment, you give up on the internet helping your business. It doesn't have to be that way, we can help transform that website into a moneymaker for your business.

Imagine each morning waking up to find a couple leads in your inbox that can generate a sale for you that day. It can and does happen with our help. Why not call us today at 919-825-3891 or ask us to contact you

Dominate Your Local Market

One of the key secrets to SEO is understanding your niche. If you are a local small business and you do most or all of your business locally, then your map to the top of the search engines for keywords that will bring business is within you grasp, and easier than you might think.

Let’s say you have a small fence company in Miami. You’ve heard good things about the internet but you have no idea where to even start to make it work for your business. So, you go out and spend a bunch of money having a web company put together a web site, or even worse you or a friend takes a stab at it. Even if the site looks great it might not be generating the type of income that you wanted. All that work and money and you don’t even show up in the first few pages when you do a search on Miami fences. STOP RIGHT THERE!! The magic words are in the search phrase. You just did like most local consumers do and typed in the location and the keyword for what you wanted. The problem is More

Let's Talk About Leads

It's all about leads if you are a contractor. Imagine getting 700 or more fresh quality leads every year. It could make the difference for you between staying in business and finding another line of work. The best part about leads you generate yourself on your own website is that you are not competing with four, five or more competitors. It is my experience that leads generated on the website usually go to no more than one or two competitors, and many do not go to any other competitor. they are much like word of mouth leads....Golden!

Each day on Google there are millions of searches, and you might be surprised to see just how many are for the specific services you offer in your area. Below I have pulled the data from Dallas, TX for several broad keyword phrase searches. As you can see there are many searches every week in this city for these contractor disciplines. Take air conditioning services for example, there are over 3,400 searches done every week in Dallas for air conditioning. If you were the number 1 site in Google for that search it is reasonable to believe you would get 1,431 people click on your link weekly and visit your website. If one out of every 15 turned into a lead you would get nearly a hundred leads every week. But let's be conservative and if only a third of the visitors or one out of every 45 visitors to your site generated a lead you would still have about 35 leads a week.

SEO Leads

Let's look at my city Raleigh

Raleigh Leads


It is not easy to achieve a number 1 position in Google search but it is possible for any company to do so, regardless of the size of the company. Only 1 website gets to be number #1. Fortunately even if you are not number 1 you can still reasonably assume you will generate a good number of qualified leads as long as you are on the first page of Google and you take the important step of deciding today to take SEO seriously. SEO or search engine optimization, is constantly changing and requires that many different goals be set and check offs met. It is no longer just about back links, and anchor text. People today use the internet differently than they did even ten years ago.

That is where SEO Raleigh comes into the picture. Experience is critical to putting your web site into the front of internet local search. Today's customer can search from cell phones and tablets to traditional desktop computers. And they use social media in a way that is much like word of mouth. Get some of your customers to like you on facebook and it is much like recommending you to their facebook friends. Twitter, LinkedIn, Chamber of Commerce, Manta, Yelp! for phone searches. All of these and more are the things that need to be done to insure you can not just be found, but you will lead the competition. And Google is changing with the times, they are giving more weight to social media, to local directories, citation flow and trust flow. In short, if your SEO expert is not taking into account the changing environment of search then you will surely fall behind the curve.

We're here give me a call or fill out the contact form and we can discuss your web site and exactly what you are looking to have done. I'll be happy to go over what can and can't be done and how you can start generating the increase in sales you are looking for. Ask me about some of the other local businesses I have worked with and the success I have had in getting them to the top of Google search.

It just takes you one minute to complete the contact form or call me 919-825-3891 and I will call you back, discuss what your website does and does not do, then run some reports and offer some solid solutions at affordable prices.