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Client Successes

Here is a listing of a few of our current clients and some of the successes we have had with them

Shower Enclosures

East Coast Glass is a local glass contractor out of Angier, NC. Greg had a website when we first began that had no presence on the internet search engines at all. In fact he did not rank within the top 250 on a single search term, except for his company name.

We were able to get East Coast Glass to a number 1 position for Raleigh shower enclosures and Raleigh frameless shower enclosure. We also have his site on the first page of Google several additional keyword search phrases.

Smith Concrete

Isaac has one of the fastest growing contraxtor businesses in the area. They specialize in all types of specialty concrete from driveways and patios to stamped concrete and ornate concrete projects Click here to visit Isaac's page.

APOC Industries

The latest in LED lighting and light bars for vehicles. From halo headlights to LED light bars and light bar mounts, APOC has the hottest products at the best prices. Click here for more.

Raleigh Camper Rentals

Pop Ups and specialty campers for rent in Raleigh, Apex and Sanford. Great rates and good availability. Contact us today

Ashland Tree Service

I am currently working ona brand new web site for Steve Beard of Ashland Tree Service. I built this site for Steve and he is extremely pleased with the earlyu results. This week (Feb 14th, 2013) he broke into the Google search engine with some strong results. His first day ranking came up number 21 for tree service Raleigh. He is also ranking already for several other keyword search phrases. I am excited about where this is going for Steve.

Precision Pressure Wash

Precision Pressure Wash was one of my early client's He has been ranking number #1 on Google search for Raleigh pressure wash for over five years and still going strong.

Harrison Fence

One of my first client's, Rob has had the number 1 ranking in Google since 2008. Rob actually has two different web site that are ranking 1 and 2 in Google for several search for fencing in Raleigh

MindSpire Prep

One of Raleigh premier ACT and SAT Prep companies. These Guys cover most of the Raleigh Durham area, and excell at - ACT Prep in Cary

Craig's Cabinets

A local Raleigh based cabinet cmpany, Craig's Cabinets has worked with many top custom home builders installing fabulous cabinetry - Raleigh cabinets

Angier Paint

Angier Paint is a paint store and so much more located in Angier, NC. They also do contractor work including kitchen and bathroom remodels as well as painting, and flooring in Raleigh. They currently rank #1 on Google for several search phrases including Angier flooring, Angier paint, and angier carpet. They have another location in Sanford, NC that ranks on Google as well.

Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts

CHSMA had a major problem. They spent thousands of dollars on a new site and it had lost it's ranking on Google. I was able to make some quick changes to it that resulted in jumping back to the number 1 spot on many different keywords, and on the first page for many more different search phrases. To visit Chapel Hill School Of Muscial Arts please click here

Vision Build Team

Vision Build Team is another new client looking to rank well in several major cities in NC and SC for remodels, and other major home construction jobs. Check back in a month or two and see the results. In the meantime please visit their site today

What's The Next Step

It can be as easy as a simple phone call to us at 919-825-3891. At SEORaleigh we take your company personally. I am a small guy and intend to remain small. That does not mean because I am small I cannot give you the same quality and results that the big guys do. In fact I am more likely to be successful with your project because I limit the projects I do at any one time. I can then concetrate on your project mcuh more than a larger SEO firm that has 50-100 or more client's at any one time. I have access to the same high quality reporting and linking information that any of the biug guys have the difference I think is because I am small, I am more likely to interact with you often and in an effective manner. Having been in the computer industry for many years, and also running several small bsuinesses over the years I understand how stressed you own business can be. I want to take some of that stress off you shoulders and add a pleasnat result of more business and more dollars to the bottom line for your company through increased sales.

Having a webs site is only half the battle. The most important part is making sure it is built to create the result you want it to. And that it is seen by enough prospective clients that you generate additional business from the site. I have a wealth of knowledge about the internet and SEO, and I can combine that with my life experiences of running small businesses. Why Not give me a call now or fill out the form on my contacts page and I will call you back. We can discuss what it is you are looking for.